About Me


My name is Sarah Holland, and I live in Prince George, BC.

In my work life, I’m a financial planner. I have just started working in the Money Concepts building in Prince George. I’m licensed to sell securities through Aligned Capital Partners Ltd., and am also licensed to sell insurance, currently through Number 130 Holdings Ltd.

In my volunteer life, my current focus is the Prince George District Advisory Council.

I’m on Facebook, and I’m also on LinkedIn, but not really that often.

I even occasionally use Twitter!

My work email address is sholland@alignedcp.com, my home email address is sarah@sarahholland.com, my volunteer email address is chair@sd57dpac.ca, my work phone # 250-561-1593, my cell phone # is 250-981-1559, and my home phone # is 250-962-7225.